6 Tips for Backpackers, Make your trip fun

Gudnyus.com - Backpacker-style holidays are more exciting and challenging, because we will learn to manage everything ourselves, save money and may not stay in luxury hotels, eat in expensive restaurants and more. Well, this time Sunburst Adventure will provide Backpacker-style Traveling Tips.

1. Maintain Stamina.
When traveling with a backpacking system, we will definitely use a backpack to be more efficient. Therefore, we must have a strong physique. Moreover, if we have to rest on the trainairport or terminal. Do not forget to prepare vitamins to maintain stamina during the holidays. And don't forget to bring a first aid kit or a first aid kit, we can bring a first aid kit with mini size and concise, usually what we need to bring, is anti-hang medicinecold medicine and cough (because we will experience acclimatization during changes in temperature and weather) diarrhea medicine , colic, cold medicine, eye drops and hansaplast.

2. Maintain Attitude.
If you want to backpackyou must be able to be independent. The conditions are different when we are on vacation with family. Don't expect us to get a luxury hotel, a cool bathroom or a full physical facility. So, don't compare and grumble when you're backpacking. And don't forget to always maintain an attitude with anyone we meetremember if we are in another countryso don't act as you like ya.

3. Bring Practical Clothes.
Avoid wearing jeans when backpacking. In addition to weight, pants with this material are also difficult to dry when exposed to rain. Instead, we can bring leggings/jegging or knee-length short pants, don't be too short, man. Choose clothing that is lightweightabsorbs sweat and dries easily.

4. Mandatory Equipment Available
Don't forget to always bring wet tissue. This can be used when we don't have time to take a shower. In addition, city maps, transportation maps, raincoats and hats are also mandatory. Also wear a waist bag that can be filled with important items such as walletscellphones and passports. Also do not miss personal medicine.

5. Arrange with Practical and Neat.
Backpacking requires that we travel with a backpack. So, we have to be smart to arrange it so that it can be carried. Bring small toiletries and roll up shirts that are brought up so as to minimize space in the daypack (backpack).

6. Relax and Don't Worry.
If we as a beginner backpacker, we certainly worry about many thingssuch as transportation, lodging and others. Sowe must train to just enjoy the journey and not panic thinking about many things. If you are confused about finding a destination asks the locals politely.

Well, here is our Backpacker Traveling Tips, hopefully useful and useful for all travelers.

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