5 reasons why you should travel

Gudnyus.com - Traveling. Surely many of us love itexpect it, even the impatient want to make it happen.  Don't delay anymore, start your holiday soon! 

As urban people who have heavy work demands, environmental conditions and a myriad of daily problems such as pollution and congestion, you are entitled to a moment of self-soothing. 

Because you know that traveling is important, in order to increase the thrill of facing life. Like Jalaluddin Rumi's words "Travel bring power and love back into your life. "

Well, here are 5 benefits of traveling that you need to know.

1. Create a sense of happiness. 
sense of happiness can arise when looking at the beautiful scenery of exotic landscapes. But do you know if that happiness can also be transmitted to others especially when seeing lot of faces changing cheerful when viewing tourist objects though do not know each other.

2. Improving family closeness.
If you go to tour with your family then this can be used as an event to re-draw closer to the family members especially with those who rarely meet in everyday life. Use time to recognize each other's characters and exchange stories.

3. Get new friends.
If you are still singles, then travel opens opportunities for new friends. When someone is away from home, fewer restrictions they have and have new friends become easier. Could a local person be very curious from where we came from, or another traveler who wants a joint venture taxi fee? Widening the association allows us to talk more, meet new people who are interesting and get lot of lessons from them.

4. Maximizing me time.
Or if you just want to enjoy solitude, then while traveling we can go back to being yourself. This is because we so have a private time. Traveling provides space for us to "breathe" for a moment to escape the fullness of work and problems.

5. Get Extra Vitamin D.
One of the 11 reasons why traveling makes us happier is getting the extra vitamin D. There is no doubt that sunlight can provide a better mood effect. A study says, the sun exposure gained from traveling makes people feel better and this lasts up to a few weeks after the holidays. 

So, immediately check the calendar for immediate vacation yes.

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